PS 58 Lower Grade Music
October Newsletter

Dear 58 Families,


We’re almost one full month into school, and, K, First, Second and Third Grade students have been busy dancing, singing, and making a lot of music!  Below you’ll find a list of objectives we’ll be covering together through movement, singing, instrumental play and theory study. 



·      Introduction to standard western notation (speak, clap, play)

·      Identifying pitch individually and as an ensemble

·      Identifying dynamic contrast in music

·      Identifying beat


First Grade: 

·      Understanding pitch matching and tuning

·      Understanding the relationship between music and visual art

·      Introduction to musical form

·      Identifying the chorus/refrain in a vocal piece.

·      Introduction to Solfège using Kodály hand signaling


Second Grade: 

·      Listening to and identifying multiple instruments in songs

·      Identifying musical timbres and the instruments that create them

·      Tuning individually and with an ensemble

·      Re-introduction to the eighth note

·      Introduction to Solfège using Kodály hand signaling


Third Grade:

·      Identifying and understanding harmony

·      Identifying form

·      Introduction to the staff


Please remember that you can always visit the LOWER GRADE MUSIC BLOG @ or regular updates, as well as song recordings and lyrics, and that you can always feel free to e-mail me at




Mr. C